Official Cody HamBacon & Cheese Croissants

A New Spin on Bacon & Cheese Croissants with Scrambled Eggs.

Good morning foodies,

Sleeping in late this morning, I awoke to a lovely fresh cup of coffee, made by my wife in our Brilliante Espresso Maker, sitting on my bedside table. I thanked my beautiful wife and then placed two of our king size goose down pillows behind me as I sat up to read my book in bed while I enjoyed my first cup of joe for the day. I absolutely love starting the day this way. Believe me though, I have not always had the luxury of beginning each wonderful day in such a fashion.

After 40 pages, OCD insists 40 pages must be read lol, it’s time to slip into a robe and slide on into the kitchen. Ah, that frist step into kitchen for the day. The aroma of coffee, the morning sun coming in through the window, the smell of fresh herbs tied in bunches drying out tied to the top of the window sil, and the the inviting kitchen bench tops asking to be used. This is where my creative side fires up and keeps going until I’m off to bed late into the night.

Check the fridge, ok cool, just the usual bacon, eggs, cheese, etc. Oh, I see some croissants on the bench, nice. Ok, what can I throw togther that’s unbelievebly tasty? I figure I had better use the Webber Q BBQ, because, really, who doesn’t like the taste of a Webber Q? Whilst deciding, I grab our thick butcher’s cutting board from behind the cooktop. Picking out the ingredients I spot some delish chutney and mustards that my wife and I have been devouring lately, so, naturally, they’re coming out. Alrighty then, let’s slap something together.


Smoked Hickory Bacon, 4 slices

Free Range Eggs, 4

Organic Croissants, 2

Organic Garlic, 1 clove

Fresh Oregano, to taste

Fresh Ground Paprika, to taste

Butter, Tsp



Oregano & Basil Tomato Chutney

“Fireball” Chilli Mustard

What I came up with was a nice garlic & herb croissant with bacon, colby cheese, topped off with avocado, the Oregano & Basil Tomato Chutney, and Fireball Chilli Mustard. On the side I’ll have scrabled eggs cooked in the garlic & herb butter left over from the croissants. Pretty delish!

Start off by sparking up the Webber Q BBQ, or whichever BBQ you may have. In a pan, squeeze the clove of garlic through a garlic press and add the Tsp of butter. Add the 4 slices of bacon to the bbq. Throw the pan onto the pre-heated BBQ and as the butter begins to melt just move it, and the garlic, around the pan with a spatchular to grease up the pan. Sprinkle the fresh Oregano and Paprika into the butter and garlic mix, then place the croissants in to the pan. You can leave them whole, or slice them in halve. Either way they’ll soak up the flavours.

While all of that is becoming intensely tasty on the bbq, crack the 4 eggs into a bowl and whisk them up. Next, check on the croissants and flip them over, as with the bacon. Once they’re looking good you can either remove them from the bbq, or place the croissants next to the bacon. Pour the eggs into the pan to start the scrambled eggs. There should be plenty of butter, garlic, and herbs mix left in the pan and it will mix through the eggs as they’re stirred.

Remove all mouthwatering food from the bbq and head back into the kitchen. Take the golden and slightly reddish (from the paprika) croissants and spread some avocado on the bottom halves. Add two slices of bacon, sprinkle a bit of cheese, then spread generous amounts of the tomato chutney and chilli mustard. Throw the scrabled eggs next to the bacon and cheese croissants, and you’re done.

This meal brings together a herb and garlic bread that still maintains the buttery flavour of the croissant, the salty crispiness of the bacon, the sweetness of the tomato chutney, and a slight heat from the chilli mustard. The scrabled eggs are very tasty with the herb and garlic flavour coming through. It’s not overpowering due to the croissants soaking the majority up.

Time to pull up a seat at our rustic dinning table and dig in. With Bloomberg on the TV, my second cup of joe next to this awesome breakfast, and my amazing wife to converse with as we eat, I ask, can it get any better than this? Who cares? I’m happy right now.

Well, I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you have any question please fire them at me.

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