2 Weeks with iOS 11 — UPDATE


[UPDATE 8/6/17: The latest patch on iOS 11 is causing my iPhone 6S to briefly restart on its own pretty often. It does the little wheel spin icon thing for a couple seconds before allowing me to use the device again. It’s weird and annoying. Usually happened when I lock my phone.]

Apple released the public beta of iOS 11 on June 26 and, like most brave souls, I went ahead and downloaded it. To make matters worse, I didn’t backup any of my stuff but that’s okay. Didn’t lose anything really.


I’ve had iOS 11 since day 1 of public beta and I can now say I’ve gotten used to the ugly new control center. I’ve been having fun with the screen recording feature which allows me to narrate what I’m demonstrating on the screen via the microphone on my headphones. Pretty cool. I have yet to try the updated Maps and since nobody I know has iOS 11, haven’t tried the social feature on Apple Music either. I did create a profile which is pretty straightforward (now you can see what I listen to). There’s a lot I haven’t used since some stuff requires your friends to have iOS 11 as well, so let’s get to the stuff you’re all curious about — BUGS.


This beta is buggy. I won’t deny it. At first the only small bug I noticed was the icon for the calendar app was missing, something I could simply ignore. But things got worse. My camera has stopped working (even on Snapchat) with the only solution being restarting my phone but in a couple hours the same problem arises. It’s annoying as hell. Also when you swipe up to close apps after double clicking home button, the app stays open. To better explain, I swipe up and it looks like it went away but when I click home button the fucking app stays on my screen. How annoying. The good thing is I haven’t experienced any lag at all or battery issues. When dealing with bugs, keep in mind this is a beta. It’s meant to be to point out bugs so Apple can patch them before the official launch this fall.

I hope this helps anybody giving it second thoughts. Download at your own risk (BACK UP YOUR DEVICE BEFORE) and just know it’s a pleasant experience if you have patience and can put up with what I mentioned above.

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