Total Solar Eclipse — Miami Viewing Guide

The total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 will be visible across a 70-mile wide path cutting through the U.S. from coast to coast. Unfortunately, Miami, FL isn’t in that narrow path. The good news, however, is we’ll still have a damn great view of a partial eclipse (weather permitting — hurricane season y’know).

First, what the hell is a solar eclipse? It’s when the moon crosses between the sun and Earth, silly. Moving on now.

SAFETY: Staring directly at a partial solar eclipse can cause serious damage to your eyes, so use glasses approved by NASA and the American Astronomical Society. Link to a good one here. You can remove the glasses ONLY during a total eclipse, so if you’re not in its path don’t even bother risking it. Seriously. Also, my photographers. GET A SOLAR FILTER if you want to take dank photos of the eclipse for clout, otherwise RIP to your camera.

The Frost Science Museum is hosting an eclipse viewing event with free protective glasses included with your general admission (while supplies last). The event starts at 1:25 PM ET and ends at 4:20 PM ET.

The solar eclipse will begin at 1:26 PM, with the partial eclipse peaking at 2:58 PM, and ending at 4:20 PM. Since we’re not in the path of totality, folks in Miami will get to see the sun about 78% covered. If that doesn’t satisfy you, consider taking a road trip to Tallahassee, FL where they’ll have the sun 86% covered.

For a more in-depth article talking about other cities and whatnot, click here.

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