MediBit Continues Collaboration With a Major Hospital Network

medibit official
Apr 9 · 1 min read

MediBit proudly announces that Gwinnett Medical Center Network clinic reached to an agreement with MediBit to join the MediBit project. The clinic would work closely with MediBit team to develop a globalized healthcare platform to share patient clinical information more efficiently. Gwinnett medical center is a tertiary care medical center in the greater Atlanta area which serves more than 200,000 population. Let us give a warm welcome to Gwinnett medical center network clinic!

The MediBit team is thankful for all opportunities to work together with wonderful organizations to create better and brighter future for healthcare industry. As the list of our partners grow, MediBit project will grow together.

We have more exciting news to announce so stay tuned and make sure to follow our social media!

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