MediBit Development Update

medibit official
Dec 27, 2018 · 1 min read

Greetings and Happy Holidays from the MediBit team!

With just few days left for 2018, MediBit team would like to thank our supporters for this amazing first year. The blockchain technology is considered as the core of the upcoming industrial revolution along with artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of things. Countless companies around the world are spurring technology preoccupation and we thank our supporters for giving us this opportunity. Continuing with 2019, MediBit will publish periodic software update that will highlight the progresses made. Our current focus is to release series of small updates instead of making a large report. In doing so, we hope to establish transparent communication between the community and the development team.

MediBit App Development Update

  1. Completed the design review, scheduling, and development
  2. Preparation of report for SRS documentation
  3. Setup for testing of DAPP Application — Mocha and Chai
  4. Setup Ethereum & Hyperledger private network — done
Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash

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