Joint Statement in Support of the NFLRA

The recent actions by the National Football League (NFL) in suddenly dismissing an official in the middle of the season is an affront to all professional officiating. As the standard-bearers of the integrity in our respective sports, the National Basketball Referees Association (NBRA), the Major League Baseball Umpires Association (MLBUA) and the Professional Soccer Referee Association (PSRA) support the National Football League Referees Association (NFLRA) in their challenge of the reckless decision made by the NFL.

When a league takes the extraordinary and unprecedented step of dismissing an official in the way the NFL did, it undermines the credibility of the game itself. The NFL sought to garner a hollow public relations victory at a time when trust is essential, if the ultimate goal is to work together to improve officiating. The disregard for the due process rights of the person involved is hurtful to him and his family.

This knee-jerk reaction by the NFL resulted in the unfair dismissal of an official who met the requirements to work in the playoffs in two out of his first three full seasons in the league. It is an example of mismanagement that results in a loss of trust among other professional officials.

We stand in solidarity with the NFLRA today, and every day, and for the rights of the expert officials in all sports, who protect the integrity of the game.