Love Big, Be Well

As I work in Christian publishing, I have to admit that I tend to favor the classics. Too many present-day books make big promises, aiming to deliver to a felt need, and end up covering some already well-trodden ground. Chances are you’re not going to find something these days that hasn’t already been better said by someone else before. But against this backdrop, sometimes you catch a diamond. And Love Big, Be Well by Winn Collier is one such diamond.

Ostensibly it’s a series of letters from a fictional small-town pastor to his congregation. The chapters are labeled with months that cover a roughly six-year span, and I understand the reasoning behind this. It allows the author to go in whatever direction he feels like taking things. But what this really is, is a series of fictional blog posts. And this takes absolutely nothing away from the quality of the book. Don’t read Love Big, Be Well for any kind of a narrative, read it because of the deep wisdom that lies scattered throughout the letters.

In its pages, we find a type of loving, abiding faith that churches all seem to want to cultivate, but can never seem to manufacture. This is a guidebook for every Christian that longs for community as something more than a buzzword thrown around in their church bulletin.

It may be a pretty short read, but it should definitely not be read all in one sitting. This is the kind of material that needs to be savored, turned over, dare I say meditated upon. It’s delightfully thoughtful, but never tedious. I read a couple chapters a night for a week or two, and frankly I should probably do it again soon, and once a year after that.

Love Big, Be Well is due to be released on October 27 from Eerdman’s. Don’t buy it solely because of my clumsy words, find some other reviews. Then go buy it. You really won’t regret it. I only wish more Christian publishers would invest in books of this quality.

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