Solidsocial: Leveraging The Power of Social Media

For The Crypto And Blockchain Pace

Social media and cryptocurrency are two of the biggest things affecting people’s lives.

But until now, nobody has found the perfect way to link the two. Nobody has successfully launched a social media hub dedicated to the blockchain community.

Or should that be until Solidsocial came along?

Because Solidsocial is the platform that will finally serve as a dedicated social platform for all things crypto and blockchain.

Solidsocial is already up and running, rapidly gaining traction among the earliest crypto adopters. But there is still scope for so much growth.

Beyond simply creating an account and discovering what Solidsocial offers, people can become early adopters by buying the

It’s available right now on the PancakeSwap exchange following a successful presale.

Solidray itself serves as the ecosystem in which Solidsocial will thrive as a genuine pioneer in crypto.

To learn more about how Solidsocial and Solidray will work together to transform the way people discuss cryptocurrency and build networks, the Solidray website has all the details.

It explains how the Solidray experience will provide a whole suite of tools to enhance the user experience, with:

· Solidsocial App


· NFT Marketplace

· An E-Learning Platform

The founder of SolidRay is , who had extensive experience in banking, finance, and trading, before transitioning into the fintech and crypto sectors.

He explains: “There is a huge gap between the good intentions of the pioneers on one side and the infrastructure capable of securing the growth and the adoption of both blockchain and cryptocurrencies alike.

“We decided to take on the challenge and create a safe space for learning, earning, growing, and collaborating.

We have built a Solid space open to all, from complete beginners afraid even to start the crypto journey, all the way to expert investors and career professionals in the blockchain industry.”

The Solidray team has engaged , a leading digital marketing company in the DeFi, NFT, and Token Marketing sector, to help build further awareness into 2022 and beyond.

Join the Solidray community for more updates.

Get your Solidray token here.



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Solidray (SRT)

Solidray is a utility token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the governance token for the solid ecosystem.