This poem called Life

“Row Row Row Your Boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life is but a Dream”

They Said

So I rowed a Kayak…

Down a tiny river

Slowly steadily

But the tide blew me

To the swamps by the left

I Sighed

And paddled furiously

Aimlessly… against the tide

Away from the swamps

Across the bend

And found myself in the middle

Of the river

I Panicked

And cried for HELP!

4 boys rowing hard in a race

Completely deaf to my cry

Left me hopeless

To wander alone

On the silent waves

I Breathed

Deeply & began to feel the waters

Running thru my fingers

Like runny custard on a clear day

And slowly

We became friends

The River & I

Lost in the afternoon breeze

I Found

As I opened my eyes and looked.

Down the river, came a lad

Tall, dark & slim

The lad that rode the black beetle

The one that cried so fierce when he touched her

“Surely, He can ride this tide”

I thought…

I Cried

Out to him and beckoned him closer

He snuggled close to my ‘yak

“Look at me. Let me help you.”

He whispered gently.

We rowed together

Down the river, under the bridge

And round the bend

As minutes sped past

We Laughed

As our eyes danced like feathers

Our hearts talked, raced, panted, flew…

Made secret promises only the waters

Could tell

As he taught me to Paddle

This thing called Life

But soon after,

I Ran

Down the river towards the banks.

“He’s a heart bender…” Nana had said

“... Life is but a dream”

So I shut my doe eyes

And doused my black beauty shine

Steadily, with grace of his lessons

Until I came ashore

But when I looked back,

I realized

I Came


Talented Wizard & Red Wine Beggar 🎈