Volunteering at SimplyGreen Juice Bar!

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a week off work to breathe. For the first time, I chose to stay in town and not splurge on a wanderlust vacation. Don’t get me wrong, It’s always great to travel and visit the world to learn a lot of beautiful and interesting things. I just felt recently that I needed to pause, give back, and learn more about the people around me. So a crazy idea came up!

“How about volunteering at a locally owned business contributing to Nigeria’s GDP?”

Certainly, I cannot influence on their bottom line in the short time but I could definitely learn about their products and successes; while giving back to my favorite juice bar in the world! So I put in a call to Yomi at SimplyGreenJuices and after hysterically laughing at me for few minutes, he gave me the great news

“Yes Purity, we will be glad to have you help out at the bar”

Elated, I headed over to SimplyGreen on Thursday and was greeted by the beautiful and lovely manager who immediately put me thru the mechanics of the bar.

simplygreen bar at V.I.

I discovered that SimplyGreen shares building with the popular “YogaSutra studio” which was even more of an amazing discovery as a fitness Yogini. The highlight of the day was that I was allowed to use the studio where I quickly sneaked in 30 minutes of deep stretch and yin yoga before returning to work. How amazing is that?!!

YogaSutra Studio

Soon enough, Sam the Juice Bartender walked in and just like that I found a new friend in him. He’s such an easy-going, neat and calm guy. He gave me a quick tutorial on mixology of juices and using different blenders/juicers for juicing. I was able to create my own cocktail which I called the “Red Ranger”. Now, it tasted like a mild samurai floating through purple hibiscuses in autumn and felt like falling through hell shielded in an iced armor. Yes! Try it and see! The ingredients were: 1 cucumber, 1 beetroot, 2 oranges, 1 lemon & 1 ginger.

Ingredients for Range Ranger Cocktail

On Friday, I hurried back to SimplyGreen Juice Bar after few meetings with clients and managed to sneak in another tutorial. This time, I learned how to bill clients and enter their payment history in the payment application. Big deal huh? I was your goddamn cashier collecting cash and giving change, printing your tickets so that both parties would have knowledge of their expenses! Super hero move! Saving your expenses one bill at a time. That’s exactly how I felt!

working at the SG bar

By Saturday, I had gotten accustomed to the bar and even though I had to teach a yoga class and attend a professional training early in the day, I skipped to SimplyGreen Bar for my last day of volunteer work. I was just in time to sell to three customers and clean up the juicers and blenders in my special orange apron!

SG apron

You should know that the core values showcased by the team at SimplyGreen are Hygiene, Orderliness and Customer Service. Well, that’s what I saw. From the first day I walked in, the environment was plain, as neat as a brand new iPhone and the ambience smelled like clear peace. We wore and changed gloves constantly through out juicing and cleaning. Each task was carried out orderly from juicing to stocking new produce to billing, it felt like the White House. Don’t get me started on the customer service! I thought Yomi was just always being so nice to me because he knew I could bully him if otherwise (LoL Calm Down! I’m just kidding!) as he is well, a well-mannered sucker but I discovered that everyone at SimplyGreen from Toyosi the manager, to Sam the Bartender and Godwin the Delivery Buddy; were simply “unconsciously” loving and caring people.

Volunteer Champ

Just because the SimplyGreen people are nice like that, they waited quite a while after closing time to ensure some customers caught up to get their juice! I assisted in cleaning out the blenders, stock new juices, balance sheet and close up the bar for the day!!!

Last Day :(

Elated from all this goodness, I only wish I could have added even more value. SimplyGreen is an example of a true local business because everything from raw material to finished product is sourced from Nigeria! The truth about it is that they are simply a vital part of every human being’s life because they give you health and add more value to the years of your life in those 1000 juice bottles that look ever so simple and colorful yet packed full with so much value!

Juice Bar

SimplyGreen has not only satisfied a need, but also identified an essential part of human lifestyle, explored its necessity and given back to human beings as an easy way of life! In retrospect, I will always walk in to volunteer and I will always choose SimplyGreen!

I urge you to once in a while, pause, identify a local business around you contributing to the nation’s GDP and volunteer to help out no matter how short the time is.
Happy Juicing :)

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