You saw it. I know you did. How could you not?

Beyonce’s late night reveal of her new twins, Sir Carter and Rumi came like a thief in the night! It was after 1:00 AM on the East Coast, and just as my “insanely insomniac” self was on my way into the first stage of sleep, the Queen of Everything popped up on my iPhone screen.

I immediately watched Beyonce go from WORLD STOP (lyric) to WORLD WAKE UP! Within a matter of seconds (literally), this one Instagram photo had been retweeted hundreds of thousands of times by fans all over the globe expressing their excitement.

I don’t blog often, but there’s good reason for this post. After witnessing last night’s reveal, I took away a few great lessons we can all learn from Beyonce on personal branding and wanted to share them with you:

  1. Make your audience feel like family. Beyonce does it EVERY SINGLE TIME she reveals something new about herself or her life. She’s got people out here in these streets REALLY calling the twins their nephews and acting as if they are in some way related to this superstar and her family. It’s a great idea to incorporate this into your personal branding efforts because this is how the know, LOVE and trust is built between you and your audience. Once people feel like you’re family, they will share you with others. As a result, this puts more eyes on your brand. I talk a lot about this in Brand You Like A Boss.
  2. Bring exclusivity and extreme value to the table. I seriously don’t know anyone who does it like Beyonce. She is a great example that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing to have an effective brand. When building your personal brand, it’s all about quality over quantity. Don’t worry about being at every event, on every social network and taking every meeting. Bringing the element of exclusivity into your brand is what is going to set you apart from the rest. Consider what you can start doing to implement exclusivity into your brand; and just like Bey, when you do “show up,” SHOW OUT!
  3. There are no set rules. Set the new standard. Often times we say or hear others say “I want to become the next Oprah, Michael Jordan or Steve Jobs.” While this is admirable and all, the truth is you can’t build a strong “Beyonce style” personal brand being the second version of someone else. Beyonce didn’t become Beyonce by trying to be like someone else. Every aspect of her life set the standard for who she is today and we too can set the tone for the next generations. Some of the most powerful brands today are the ones that didn’t follow the rules and created their own “new normal.

Love or hate her, we can’t deny the many lessons learned about building a brand from Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. Next time you see her pop up, grab your pen and paper because she’s guaranteed to take you to school!

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