We have all heard the phrase “bots are coming”. As distant of a future as that may seem, we aren’t very far from that being our reality. Bots ARE coming, and if you aren’t paying attention they might come for your job.

So for every tech-oriented individual, and every digital native I am sure the news that is trending is the obvious 10 year Roadmap for Facebook Announcement made by Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 yesterday. Well All hail the Greatest King of Consumer Attention, but here is the terrible news to over half the population of the world: YOUR JOB IS ABOUT TO BE TAKEN FROM YOU! I have indicated in previous articles and this is why as a speaker and entrepreneur I have a relentless drive towards pushing an all-inclusive entrepreneurial movement especially among young Africans. Now to the facts and what they really mean.

#1. News Feed + Instant Articles

Designed for people sharing anything with brands, and media publishing content to masses using Instant Articles to allow for content loading speed on even the slowest of devices (and thus de facto internationalization).

Well great, I guess we now all have the opportunity to be Huffington Post and Reuters. A lot of junk will malign the system but a lot of good narratives will trend too, regardless it is in a good direction that we all have a voice and a platform to share our narrative.

#2. Messenger

Bot Engine

Teaching the chat bots what to say to you with Artificial Intelligence — Along with the announcement of their open API to build chat bots, Facebook announced the beta launch of “Bot Engine”. David Marcus, the VP of Messaging, wrote about the launch of Bot Engine in a blog post. By feeding the engine new information, new tasks, and new data, it will understand more situations and will become smarter over time.

Awesome! I hope you read this right! Bots will begin to reply messages on behalf of brands. What this means is, the next time you want to order a cheese burger, you can do it through messenger and oh it might just be the bot who just took THE JOB of the customer care representative who replies your chat in messenger.

The Live API allows an ecosystem of broadcasters, software companies and direct publishers to broadcast at scale to audiences they’ve already built on Facebook (something that brands have largely failed to build other places — see Google+ Hangouts, and using YouTube — clearly “influencers” have done much better in this regard.)

The future of AR and VR

A huge obstacle facing the VR/AR industry is the fact that as of now you have to wear clunky hardware on your face. Andre from LiveLikeVR and the STHQ community speak about this often. It’s incredibly difficult to convince consumers to wear this on their face and sit through an entire soccer game or any lengthy amount of time. Well ole Zuck here seems to think he has the problem solved.

This particular one excites me a lot, it’s just the geek in me I guess and the whole illusion of reality as it’s brought into my dimension of existence that sparks the butterflies in my stomach. Can’t wait.

Facebook has consistently pushed for a “more connected world”. Mark has stated multiple times that one big focus for Facebook is providing internet access to the almost 60% of the world’s population that currently doesn’t have access. Think about how much your day-to-day life revolves around the internet, now think about the fact that more than half of the world’s population still doesn’t have access to it, pretty crazy.

Mark, hurry up already, we need the entire Globe connected, we need a global digital ecosystem, so please hurry up!!

With that being said, let me make my point clear, if all this is not sending jolts of inspirational shock along your spine into your left brain and kicking you off your seat to start considering alternative means of income aside your 9–5 job, guess what I promise you booboo, 10 years from now, you will be JOBELESS AND USELESS because guess what the bots are coming for your job. Initially we thought the bots will only take on the hard labour jobs but with Artificial Intelligence (A.I) penetrating the market it looks like they will be taking more than labour intensive jobs. The earlier you join the IDEA Economy the better for you, the labour Economy is about to crumble.

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