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It’s the second half of 2018 and preparations are in top gear for the 2019 elections in Nigeria. With the hashtag #getyourPVC having appeared at least once on the social media handle of every average Nigerian, the wind doesn’t seem to blow in favor of the re-election plans of the incumbent president. Voting out H.E Muhammadu Buhari seems to be the blue-print of a better Nigeria to an average Nigerian, but, is it really the end or just one amongst the many moves that’ll ripple and serve as a means to the end?

Compared to the promises/manifesto of the president prior to his election in 2015, there has been little progress recorded. Incessant killings, Harsh economic conditions and unaccountability amongst other things has ravaged the nation in his time. Voting him out seems to be a sane thing, however, the Nigerian populace needs to see beyond the presidential election. Leadership has been politicized and has resulted in the backwardness of our nation. Our institutions cannot be excused from the cause of the nation’s stagnation as Judicial appointees, voted HOR Members and Senators are politicizing our trust. With majority of the HOR Members and Senators having corruption charges on their profile, we can safely say looting the treasury, embezzling allocations and little or no representation of the people tops the agenda of members of the red and green chamber.

Budget after budget, allocations have been approved but citizens who’re said to be represented are yet to see the impact in our communities, court judgements are biased and politically motivated hence justice is not gotten and the executives are getting nonchalantly unaccountable. A strong institution (Legislature and Judiciary) makes a better country than a strong presidency (Executive). At the three tiers of government, we need accountability, strength, good leadership and citizen-oriented representation. While approaching 2019, let’s have it in mind not just to vote in a strong executive but also ensure we commit to voting and building a strong institution. With that, we’re one step closer to our goal of a better Nigeria.

Voting an accountable executive government.

Voting an accountable legislative government.

Requesting for an accountable judiciary.

Let’s all not be swayed by the “Political weather” that seems to present it as a one-sided storm; it is a collective responsibility.

Till and after the elections, play your part and be an accountable, selfless and patriotic citizen.

God bless Nigeria!

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