BUSINESS: The growth tool called Social Media.

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According to a research by in January 2018, 42% of the world’s population are active social media users. This further endorses the tagging of social media as an effective business growth tool. In recent times, the Internet has facilitated the speedy rise of start-ups and influenced the growth of businesses as opposed to the traditional media that was used in times past. Here are 5 ways Social Media influences the growth of your brand:

1. Every business cares about their awareness and wants to get people conversing about them. This is the first gap social media helps bridge. It brings your brand an opportunity to ‘shoot your shot’ at clients and thereby creating a reputation that will make you stay on the lips of users of social media and most importantly your clients.

2. Brands and businesses have souls which prospective clients want to feel. Social media ensures yourself and it’s users engage thereby receiving feedbacks and knowing the preferences and expectations of your client. It facilitates the humanization of your brand by helping to communicate the human/core values of your business.

3. Social media aids in establishing brands as thought leaders. It makes it easy for you to position yourself as the go-to brand when it concerns any info in your line of business. This further sets your brand one step ahead of the others and you are most likely to be first considered.

4. Social media platforms allow sharing of links of your website, blog posts etc. which in turn results in generated leads and website traffic. It helps give the customer a first-hand experience of what your brand stands for. For example, a furniture company can have a customer book a visit to it’s showroom with just a click on a link from it’s social media page.

5. Social media’s most effective strategy has been the introduction of targeted ads. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has helped brands get across to their identified audience seamlessly. Using ads, you get to focus on the demographics of your audience (i.e Age range, location etc.). This way, your product/service goes all the way to those who are really interested in it and sales roll in.

Ultimately, the social platform(s) you choose should depend on the content you want to share and your audience.

Happy Sales!

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