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Government after government, I've seen the Church and Christians stand by a government based on religious sentiments. Baffling enough, amidst the supposed growth of the Church, the government is getting more corrupt, the society is taking away the innocence of a small child, the female gender is told they don't have a voice, and most of all we are told we can't ask questions. I've seen first hand how the Church has abated the decay in the governance of this Nation Nigeria. Firstly, let me state that the failure of the present government has nothing to do with the fact that the President is a Muslim by religion or the Nation doesn't tithe -Christian Brethren please take note- rather, it's due to the unpreparedness of the team towards tackling the Nation's problems and taking on tasks.

Years ago, H.E Late Umaru Musa Yar'Adua was a Muslim by religion but most importantly a man with great vision for the Nation. The Church didn't like the fact that a Muslim was at the helm of affairs of the Nation despite the population of the Christians. Even on the sick bed battling to get back to health and still making sane decisions, some Christians consciously prayed for him to die as against the Gospel of LOVE which the HOLY BIBLE stands for. He pulled giant strides and most importantly changed the economic atmosphere of the Nation amongst other joy-giving things his administration was known for. I never came across or stumbled on recovery prayers from he Church, or, maybe my local assembly just didn't hold one. He died leaving a big shoe for the then Vice President (now former president) H.E Goodluck Jonathan to fill. The Church instantly threw it's weight behind Jonathan and he was seen being prayed for by EVERY BIG NAME in the Church.

Time went by and it was evident that the then government was still not making things better for the masses and in the country as a whole but yet, the Church kept praying against the "Enemies of the Presidency." Fast forward to today, Governors and political post holders are reverenced in church despite the fact that they're evidently corrupt. The corrupt ones are given the best of chairs up in the Church and the honest ones are barely seen. The Church keeps praying against the enemies of every Christian-Controlled government but refuse to stand and speak up against the heinous crimes the government is committing against the masses. The allocation-looting Senator/HOR Member is made patron of a church unit, the salary-owing governor is made deacon and the Church is relaxed refusing to speak against their failure in delivering on the promise of serving the people.

Seeing this, I’m forced to ask questions like:

1. What drives the support of the Church?

2. What does the Church consider Fair and Good?

3. Most importantly, IS THE CHURCH HYPOCRITE?

Content and Edits at Hertory Africa | Storyteller with experience in Corporate tales and Personal Branding | TBP Fellow

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