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Some months ago, I was having a discussion with a friend about life generally, I never knew it will lead to one of those “REFLECTIVE” Conversations. She asked me what I feel Christmas is all about and I thought for a while and I said it’s a time to celebrate the Birth of Christ. I then asked her and her reply plunged me into reflection, She said “Christmas is a time to show LOVE”. With that reply, I had to think and figure out what the purpose of Christmas really is. I wasn’t in any way wrong with my answer but I just gave it as a casual reply because that’s what general knowledge tells us.

Reflecting over time, I found out that Christmas is truly a time to celebrate Christ and as such a time to show LOVE. As Christians, we know Christ is an embodiment of LOVE and his birth was in fact a show of LOVE. Over time, we’ve seen it as a season to enjoy special meals and get breaks/holidays off work and School but the Reasons for the Season has been consciously omitted.

With the Reflection, I found out some Reasons for the Season I never knew. I found out that Christmas is a time:

1. To most importantly make conscious efforts to be happy.
2. To show LOVE to all.
3. To forgive and let go of all offences and offenders.
4. To go extra miles to draw up a smile on someone’s face.
5. To give to good causes.

Having found this out, I sought to make this Christmas a memorable one for myself and all those around me. You too could make this an unforgettable Christmas experience. It’s less than 24 hours to Christmas day, so, why don’t you hurry and take up the above listed as a task. Someone somewhere is beating himself for wronging you but a message/call from you could be the life-saving option. You could be the one who’s wronged someone, so, in the spirit of the season, Text/Call up the person to send your apologies.

Your extra clothes could also help someone stay warm through the season and survive the harmattan. Most importantly, Your decision to stay happy would make this season a memorable one for you. Overall, the JOY and HAPPINESS on everyone’s face makes the season truly CHRISTMAS O’CLOCK.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance!

Content and Edits at Hertory Africa | Storyteller with experience in Corporate tales and Personal Branding | TBP Fellow

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