Zlatan zlataned himself

Poor Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he just couldn’t shine on the international stage. Yet again.

He strongly reminds me of Mario Cipollini, the former Italian cyclist sprinter. Lauded for dominating and stacking wins whenever the circumstances are blatantly convenient, found out whenever the stakes are high. And both unable to ditch their “all talk but no walk” approach, because their egos get in their way.

How can you state that you entered Paris Saint-Germain as a legend, and left it as a king if you are perpetually unable to advance beyond the Last Eight in the Champions League and falling flat at Euro and World Championships if you cannot rely on your team-mates?

And not to mention numerous pundits, daring to attack whoever is letting Zlatan down, but failing to address “the King” himself. As if they are thinking they could be ready for a one-way trip to a harsh penal colony.

Zlatan, you have entertained us, but alas, you’re simply not good enough to go down history next to Pele, Ronaldo and Maradona. And oh, tell Larousse they have to rewrite the meaning of the word “zlataner” to “thrashing small fish, only to be thrashed by bigger fish”.

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