8 Simple Laws With Outstanding Positive Results

The release of your spiritual power and potency is what you must consciously do. It is suicidal to suppress your spirit. Put your spirit to work.

Follow these simple powerful laws for outstanding results.

Law #1: Law of Freedom

You are free to dream as wide as you can. Ideas are freely conceived. You have no cost to pay for generating ideas.

There are no boundaries in the spiritual realm.

Law #2: Law of Love

Love is a binding force. A mighty force of cohesion. In relationship love binds the hearts of friends together with a golden chain.

Law #3: Law of Worship

The spirit of man is designed to answer to a Greater Force, an Infinite Intelligence, God. Worship draws man closer to his Source. When the spirit ceases from worship, it begins to die. The newness, activeness and potency of the spirit answers to worship.

Law #4: Law of Hierarchy

There is a hierarchy of sort in the spiritual realm. There are powers, princes, principalities, and rulers. The Highest Force, the Mightiest, strongest and most powerful is Almighty God. He is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent, all the other forces answer to Him.

Law #5: Law of Reality

Everything is real. Everything has form — words, actions, dreams, thoughts, imaginations. They have their physical semblance. No space is void. There is no vacuum in nature.

Law #6: Law of Cause and Effect

Nothing happens for nothing. Nothing happens on its own. There is a cause for everything. Happenstances are responses to a cause. Nothing will happen if a cause is not engaged.

Do whatever you will but bear the result in mind.

Law #7: Law of Semblance

Everything produces after its kind. Negative produces negative. Positive produces positive. Trees bear fruit after their kind. Thoughts produce after their kind. Man produces man.

Law #8: Law of Attraction

Likes attract. Love attracts love. Gratitude attracts favour. Honey attracts bees. Male attracts female. What you love will be attracted to you.