Chinedu Gideon Ike — Most Social Thespian 2017, Most Popular FASAITE 2017 and Chinecherem Precious Chibuko — Best Drummer 2017

You Have Your Experiences

You have accumulated so much of experiences in other areas people have not. Sharing your experiences can help others. The kind of family you grew up in, the type of neighborhood, the type of childhood you had and the difficulties or cool moments you had while growing from different stage of life to another form a compilation of lessons people around you can learn.

You Have Made Mistakes

You can offer others the wealth of experiences you gathered from your past mistakes. Failure has so many lessons to teach us which better prepares us for success in the next round. Concentrating negatively on the mistakes makes us loose sight of the blessedness of falling. What we learnt as we fell teaches us and others where not to fall and how to avoid failing.

You Have Struggles With Something

Be it a habit, a problem, an issue, whatever, you have struggled with something in life. As you survive it, you have something to offer to those around. Become a great asset to others by turning your struggles into strategies and letting others into them.

We were all born with the instinct to survive. It all becomes easy when we find someone who has survived. That is a whole lot of hope for the unknown.