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What we foresee

In 21 lessons for the 21st century, Yuval Noah Harari writes: « Much of what kids learn today will likely be irrelevant by 2050 ». Because of the very fast-changing world, our whole traditional process of knowledge transmission is challenged. Indeed, individuals « will increasingly have to deal with things nobody ever encountered before, such as super-intelligent machines, engineered bodies, algorithms that can manipulate your emotions (…) and the need to change your profession every decade ».

In such a context, educational systems have to move forward: from the current focus on hard skills — with teaching methods based on repetition, learning by heart and restitution- we need to move towards soft skills learning such as empathy, listening capacity, adaptation etc…

Meanwhile, we absolutely need to train our own capacity to adapt to change et renew ourselves throughout life, refreshing our skills according to technological and societal evolutions.

A trend towards relentless training is already visible in the rising interest in senior-centric training programs, in alternative education routes such as apprenticeship or lifelong training and in Gen Yers’ desire for self-actualisation in the workplace and beyond. Such expectations are pushing for the employer to become a true lifelong educator.

Weak signals to look at : 3M, initiative from Indian government and National University of Singapore.

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Let’s imagine what 2039 might look like ! The DIY education

We now place the education responsibility on the individual, which leads to extreme empowerment. Individuals sign up online to get their Universal Talent Passport®, an internationally recognized personal academic and professional record that replaced the traditional résumé. Online certifications generate competences that are quantified in points and listed on the UTP®, which is then shared to hiring companies.

About our prospective methodology

At a time in which, more than ever before, companies must anticipate complex trends to navigate in a constantly changing world, Ogilvy Consulting offers a unique prospective approach.

A prospective approach allowing audacious leaders to define a clear vision of their future markets, identify innovative opportunities, and translate them into actionable concepts.

By activating the transformative power of the brand, we develop copy-proof innovations, along with our clients, boosting their competitiveness for the coming years.

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