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A Prospective Serie by Ogilvy Consulting

What we foresee

As people around the globe are becoming more and more invested in the pursuit of their physical and emotional health, the key challenge is: what’s next?

« It is all about balance »: the new healthy trend is more than an holistic process. It is about carefully calculating how one eats, drinks and moves, and achieving healthiness by balancing good and bad behaviors.

While healthy habits are spreading and becoming a must-do in most countries of the world, dangerous behaviors are not decreasing. Hedonistic health made its apparition. We no longer talk about « bad » or « good », but about « moderation » and « abuse ». Abuse occurring « when repeated use causes significant impairment (health issues, disabilities…) ». Humans shape the state of their body with a strong sense of property to achieve happiness and healthiness.

This phenomenon is navigating between two extremes: extremely well and extremely bad actions. People go from one point to another without intermediaries, carefully calculating their behavior to balance the impact on their health.

Maximizing, optimizing the effects of a good night of sleep or a cocktail, of a junk-fund dinner or a work-out, is also part of this healthy hedonism.

For Yuval Noah Harari, transhumanism, the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, is still in the process of emergence and will grow considerably in the twenty-first century under the banner “dataist”.

He describes how dataists are convinced that eternal life is no more than a perfect algorithm to design, which comes in a program that Harari summarizes in three points: « defeat death, find the key to happiness, change our brains and our bodies to increase our skills. »

Products and services that enable users to even their ‘health ratio’ in an healthy, hedonistic way.

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Yoga gears manufacturer Lululemon is branching out into a new venture : beer.
What may appear as an odd association at first, beer and yoga have coupled to become a major lifestyle trend in the past few years, with boozy sessions becoming increasingly popular.

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Sushi Singularity: calculating the perfect sushi for one’s health
Sushi Singularity creates 3D-printed sushi tailored to nutritional needs of its guest. The restaurant will use a customer’s biological samples — sent in advance of the meal — to evaluate their nutritional requirements. This data will be used to inform what nutrients are incorporated into the individual’s serving of sushi. Say ‘Ciao’ to cookie-cutter diets and hello to tailor-made nutrition.

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Beyond meat : beyond burger
The superstar example of this healthy hedonistic quest for balance might be the vegan burger. When U.S. brand Beyond Meat brought out its Beyond Burger — a plant-based patty that bleeds beetroot juice — it sold out instantly. The idea? A plant-based burger that looks, cooks and satisfies like beef without GMO’s, soy or gluten.

As behaviors tend to extremes between healthy and non-healthy, safe and risky, firms will need to cope with the rising rational versatility of consumers’ desires. Companies should be aware that their clients will not seek consistency but balance and will therefore adopt diverging behaviors. However, they will carefully weight the consequences of their decisions to even their health ratio.

Brands that will make the difference in the long run will be those who leverage on their consumers’ health-related data to bring up products / services that would proactively fit in their health ratio.

This health-based ultra-personalization would not be possible without the use of tech. Asian economies could be ready for such offers, as super apps like WeChat or Grab (that allow people to shop, track their health, chat and way more) have widely been adopted by consumers. There is a huge opportunity for firms to integrate their services on such platforms to make the most of the available health data.


At a time in which, more than ever before, companies must anticipate complex trends to navigate in a constantly changing world, Ogilvy Consulting offers a unique prospective approach.

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