The Polytickin’ Podcast

Marcus Faalepo
Nov 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Change is coming

*Lil Wayne voice* Hello world. I’m Marcus aka Fat Piece of Shit, aka Your Mom’s Favorite Part-Time Cashier, and aka The Big Strong Boy. For years, it became apparent to me that the daily grind of clocking in and out of terrible service jobs, or bland warehousing work, coupled with excess laziness are just recipes for a terrible life. So under threat of becoming another soulless member of this crumbling country, I decided to make a change. Well, WE decided to make a change. A great friend of mine, WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED CUZ THIS IS MY BLOG AND I’M THE GODDAMN WRITER, and I decided to create our very own podcast.

We know. Very original. The thing is, this podcast has the potential to be the first of its kind, which is saying something, seeing as there’re a lot of better podcasts to choose from, hosted by more informed and more interesting people than myself and The Young Culture God/Rapper/Mook/All-Around Fat-man Sefa M. But one of the important things that separates us from them is our undying love/hate/curiosity of the world around us through the lens of our shared Polynesian, specifically Samoan, heritage and culture.

The questions we’ve asked ourselves or among family over a lifetime of happiness, sadness, anger, all of it, will finally be voiced on a platform that is frankly lacking in anything remotely Polynesian. We feel it’s high time for someone, anyone really, to shine a light on this little group of people with an obscure but rich history, and see how far we’ve come since our ancestors had their sloppers and twig and berries swinging freely on open land. We may not have the answers, but we gon’ definitely ask the pointed questions that we’re sure others like us have asked time and time again; not to mention the other important questions like “Why was jousting a thing?” And that’s a fact goddammit. So by the power of Greyskull and low-speed internet, we proudly present The Polytickin’ Podcast, which is currently available on Anchor, Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and wherever else you go to listen to two idiots ramble about Westworld. Thank you guys for the love and support. We appreciate it so much y’all don’t even know.

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