Ada Developers Academy Capstone: Day 12

I called it, my Tuesday was a super long day!

First I had a therapist appointment in the morning that was exhausting. (I’m very pro-therapy btw.) Then I headed to see my friend Dan. We spent a few hours trying to figure out the flicker in the lights and then Dan realized that we didn’t need the level shifter after all! Which is great! The rest of the morning was spent hooking up the lights directly to the Feather. The lights look great!! I didn’t take pictures, so you’ll just have to trust me. Under the heat-shrink wrap, there are quite a few connections, a diode and a capacitor. Soldering is fun!

I also realized that afternoon that the USB plug output is 5V! Turns out that I can turn up the brightness on these lights after-all and I don’t need a new power plug!

The first part of the afternoon was spend helping leave comments on the code written by the incoming cohort, Cohort 10. I can’t believe that C10 is already doing homework for their Jumpstart. They are doing so well.

The rest of the afternoon was spent working on the timer. I used Postman A LOT, to test if the correct numbers were coming through. Toward the end when I just needed one more piece of information to see when the last job was scheduled, my instructor Chris really didn’t want me to use a class variable, but it was inevitable with how I had built the app. Now it works!!

This piece of code written in Ruby

After deploying the code, I was having problems with CORS, but after I found this article, is was all solved. This → Rails 5 API and CORS. My API and React App are now functional! The React app needs some styling help, but I’ll fix that when I finish making the whole project functional. I can feel that I’m getting close!

*fingers crossed* that I can program the Feather the way I think I can; to ping the API to see if a color is available, and parse the data. I’m off to go try!