Ada Developers Academy Capstone: Day 18 & The Presentation

This post is only a week late, but clearly, I don’t remember everything I did on day 18. I think most of that day was spent choosing new colors that worked better for the LEDs and working on my presentation. I can tell you this much though, I was pretty happy that everything worked and that I had an MVP!

The few days leading up to the presentation were pretty calm. Since code freeze had happened everyone but a few had stopped working on the code. It was a chance to congratulate ourselves on a job well done, clean up the classrooms for the next cohort, and… work. on. our. presentations.

My presentation consisted of 12 simple slides that explained the why and the how of my project, and what I had learned from the process. By practicing a few times I got the presentation to fit inside the 5 minutes that had been allotted.

On the day of the presentation, I felt confident and ready for my five minutes in the limelight. That was until we got to Zillow, I updated the hardware code to include the Zillow guest wifi, and powered on the sign to test the LEDs. I was planning on doing a live demo, but I could tell, by the lights flashing red and white, that the Arduino was having trouble staying connected to the wifi. (I was pretty happy that I had put that piece of code in to tell me that it was having problems!) Luckily the A/V staff at Zillow are awesome, and were able to get a hotspot for me to connect my sign to! It was a go for a live demo and I didn’t use the video in my presentation at all!

Even though my sign was not particularly ready for the traffic it got afterward, my presentation went really well. I’m not exactly sure where the problem is in my code, but I suspect it’s in the API where I ask it to do a task every 10 seconds, or on the hardware where I ask it to wait after a color loads. I’m not sure I completely understand that’s on the hardware, so it’s likely there. Timing is so difficult!! Like I said in my presentation… “Like in life, timing will likely never be perfect.” Unless I put some more time, energy, and resources into the project. Overall the presentation and project was a hit! Hurray for interactive art!

The Presentations can be found here!

All of the students did such an amazing job! I’m proud to be part of such an awesome program! Thank you to the Ada Developers Academy family and friends!

Slide 1 of My Presentation

P.S. If there’s anyone out there that would be interested in giving me some feedback on my project, please do. I’m open to information and suggestions. Thanks!