Color My Skirt: Part IV of V

The Build Details

Over a year ago I asked my beautiful and brilliant wife to write up everything that she had done to help me make my light-up skirt a reality. However, she was unable to. More than a year later I’m still thinking about my skirt and how it got put together. I guess it’s time to revisit the project and attempt to finish the write up.

Once we had an idea in mind, and an outline of plan, we bought the materials (almost exclusively from AdaFruit):

  • FLORA — “Adafruit’s fully-featured wearable electronics platform”
  • Flora Wearable Bluefruit LE Module — gave us the ability to set the color of the NeoPixels through my phone
  • NeoPixels — individually controllable pixel lights
  • Conductive Thread — to connect the Bluefruit LE Module to the the NeoPixels

On the front of the skirt the Flora is sewn on, and the LEDs are connected to GND (Ground), Pin #9, and VBATT (the battery pack that’s kept in the skirt pocket).

On the inside of the skirt is the Bluefruit LE Module connected to the Flora’s 3.3V pin, RX #0 (Receive), and TX #1(Transmit) by it’s respective pins. The challenging part in my opinion is connecting all of the pieces, LEDs included, to the ground line and the power. It looks like Bradlie had sewn one ground line and one power line through the whole skirt. She’s amazing! You’ll have to ask her about those details. Otherwise, enjoy these pictures!

Flora on the Front
Bluefruit LE Module on the inside of the skirt
Split in the wire for Ground and Battery
Neoixels w/ power, ground, and data in and out
Close-up of a sewn Neopixel