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Aerial photo of San Francisco
Aerial View of San Francisco

I love traveling, and I wish I did more of it.

When I plan to travel I do a lot of research. I like to know what I should see, what I should do, what I should eat, and where I should stay. I don’t always stick to the list of items I’ve collected, but it’s nice to have the option. The other benefit of my research is that I now have a list of resources I can share out into the world. This list of resources also includes things I haven’t done, but look cool to try out.

I present to you, Kate Pond’s List of Travel Resources and Ideas™️! (This is not a comprehensive list, but it’s a start.)

Flights — For those of us who like to find cheap international flights, especially out of the U.S. A good friend of mine has received a number of good deals here. She did pay for a membership but said it was totally worth it. For those of us who like to find cheap flights domestically. — Another flight deals site a friend just told me she got some good deals through. — For reviews, tips, and tricks for mileage plan miles, and a generally overwhelming number of articles on various things regarding travel. — For finding a great seat on the plane.

U.S. TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

Global Entry — For getting through security faster whether flying domestic or international. I’ve had this site bookmarked for a while, and I need to go through the process of applying. I hear that it’s awesome to have. — For getting back into the U.S. with less hassle.

Places to Stay — For cheaper-than-hotel stays, in most cases. — For those folks that don’t like to book through AirBnB, like my mother-in-law.

Other forms of Travel — For cheap cruises. and — For car rental. Basically, it’s AirBnB but for cars. — For trains in Europe. I’ve been a huge fan of the Eurorail Pass for years.

To-Do & Where to Eat

I just google the location for things to do or I’ll ask my communities.

One of my personal favorite travel communities is

All of the Above — For general tips or to make you wish you were traveling right now. My Girls Love Travel community is good for that as well.

I’m part developer, part interpretive park ranger, & 100% awesome! I’m always learning, and I love it!

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