“The contest is never quite over, the field never quite ours”

I sat in the room on a hard wooden bench, surrounded by people I didn’t recognise, aware that not one of them knew me. Knew who I was. According to traditional values I should’ve felt I was in the safest place on earth. Yet this was not the case. In front of me sat the one person in my world who should be there for me, protect me. Behind me was my greatest fear, the wolf in sheep’s clothing who had coloured and shaped my life from almost the day I was born. On either side, complete strangers, not even related to me by blood.

I have never known a family related by blood, likely never will, I have always been the odd one out and sometimes I want to give up.

Sitting there though, I remembered when I sat there before, this wouldnt be the last time either.

There will be one last time, one last trial, made all the more difficult by the wolf that has dogged me my whole life.

“This too shall pass” she would say.

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