Talk. Read. Sing.

There’s an ad I stumbled upon today that is so full of light and joy that I can’t help sharing it to everyone I know. I find it amazing for two things:

a. I wonder how they made the kids’ smiles and laughter so natural, as though the kids saw the actual birds (which happen to be a layer of animation in the final cut); and

b. My sister-in-law has a niece who comes by our house almost every weekend. She had a hard time saying her first words but a breakthrough happened, and she now talks nonstop (which we all love!). At home, all we do is talk, read, sing to her!

We now have a lot of education/learning interventions at our disposal. Parents enrol their kids to bran-based training programs in hopes of making them smarter and ahead in school. But sometimes, really, what children need is our attention. They just need to be listened to. They can run the show with their fresh ideas, unencumbered imagination and beginner’s mind! Simply put, they just love it whenever we sit down with them to talk, read, and sing to/with them! :D This is the secret of well-rounded, life smart, accomplished, emotionally intelligent grownups: a childhood brimming with uninterrupted, lavished attention from the people who cared for them.

Enjoy watching the video below; would love to hear what you think about it: