Thoughts on Thinking

Thinking in itself is a skill and a process worthy of specialization. There is a tendency to perceive thinking as negligible when teams want to go agile. I must say that good thinking must not be isolated from fast delivery; thinking and moving can be on the same continuum.

Having watched Hidden Figures, it occurred to me that programming and education are very similar fields. Let’s add design to the equation. As Elon Musk would say, you’re basically given similar situations wherein your primary leverage is how you intelligently and resourcefully “shape the atoms” in a way that meets the real goal.

Habit is programming, the same way that you use a calculator or format an Excel spreadsheet to transfer a slice of a thinking process into a tool or device.

Persuasion is a software that allows you to convert perceptions that align with your vision. Seen in this manner, we can say that the project of education, human becoming and social participation are but slices of thinking made more tactile and palatable. At the end of the day, we’re living in a universe where thoughts are applied, hence malleable.