Preparations for Hurricane Matthew

The concerns started some 96 hours or 4 days, before it actually arrived in Nassau on Thursday, October 6th, 2016. As the weather reports started to stress the imminent danger the nation began to prepare.

I consulted friends and family about our plan of action. We decided to stay together during the storm in one location. Each of us packed up our valuables, pets and boarded up our homes in preparation for Hurricane Matthew. I was someone the girl scout of the bunch. Advising everyone to full water jugs for bathing, a battery operated radio, extra batteries, cell phone portable charges, flash lights, and additional battery operated lanterns. We had food for at least four days, a portable generator. It was a scary yet fun adventure.

The winds began on the evening of October 5th when reports of what had happened in Haiti began to reach us. We were terrified. The Hurricane was expected in the early morning hours of the 6th and it arrived on schedule. This hurricane approached the Bahamas from the south with a sea surge of 12–15 ft. Homes were destroyed and some flooded. Many trees and power lines were down, roofs damage and so many in need of repair. The video below was my view at 8:00 a.m. on the morning of October 6th. We were happy the storm arrived during the day light hours.

We are thankful no lives were lost. Our country men, neighbors and friends are working together to help each other. I would personally like to thank BeautyBubble Ileane Smith and all those persons who tweeted, emailed or called in the days leading up to and during the storm.

Please help us restore the Bahamas to its natural beauty. Many are volunteering to cleanup, purchasing much needed supplies like water, ice, food, clothing for children and adults, tools to cut fallen trees, blankets and pillows. There is a island wide need for building supplies like nails, shingles, wood and chainsaws. Many have lost there entire homes and all of the furnishings. Whatever you can do or are willing to donate will be appreciated. Contact the local Red Cross Bahamas Society (1–242-323–7370), NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency 1–242–322–6081) or contact me at and I will direct your donations to the agency or persons in the community in need.