Climbing Pains

Leaving People, Places and Things on your way to the top.

As we move to new levels in life we have to remove certain people, places and things. No matter how bad you want the people around, no matter how much you think you want to go to certain places and regardless of how used to doing certain things you are. In order to get where you’re going, you must shed habits and the people associated with them in order to evolve. To get to the top of the mountain, you must come to terms with knowing that everyone can’t climb with you, you can’t take the same route or carry the same things you’ve done in the past to get there.


The people around you rarely grow at the same rate as you do. The ones who grow faster than you are worth keeping in touch with and give you something to aspire to, someone who you can relate to and someone to reflect with on where you’ve both been. They’re midway to the top of the mountain or are already there waiting for you.

The others, the ones you might desperately want to be apart of your climb and try pushing them to come with you will reveal themselves and in turn will either grow with you while you help each other up, climbing at the same rate or they will do things on purpose or unintentionally to hold you back. The ones holding you back, you have to break free from and leave. It will start out lonely but eventually you’ll run into new people going in the same direction as you. You’ll attract your tribe.


The places you’re used to stopping at on your climb will tell you when it’s no longer feasible, viable to your journey. You energy depletes when you’re in these places because it’s filled with people who just haven’t reached the mental space and vibration of where you are currently and where you’re going. They’re stuck at a pit stop and a standstill, not really climbing, or pretending to climb but clearly not making progress and showing no signs of trying to. You’ll see what doesn’t sit right with your spirit, hear things you no longer relate to, and feel things you don’t want to feel. The places will have clear red flags , “avalanches” telling you you’re in the wrong place,moving in the wrong direction.


Once you remove people and places, the things you’re used to doing will disappear, this comes with the territory. Behaviors are tied to relationships and habits which are dependent on moods which ultimately is a reflection of the people, places and things around you.

All of the energy you don’t need is shifting and moving out of your life clearing the path and leading you to somewhere greater to somewhere or something you’ve planned and asked the universe for. The top of the mountain is causing the shift to the point in your climb where you’re supposed to be and getting there isn’t easy. If life got harder for you, you’re leveling up. The higher up you go on the mountain, the steeper the hill and the harder the climb , you’ll feel your legs giving in.

Climbing pains hurt. You’re left with memories and the fear of missing out, you’re left lonely, looking back and feeling like no one understands and like no one wants to help you up, you’re left with the guilt of leaving loved ones behind, and sometimes you’re left with untrue perceptions of who you are from those who feel that “you’ve changed.” You might hear people begin saying things like “that’s not who she/he really is” and claiming to know the real you simply because they can’t relate to the stronger newer you. The attacks will get bigger, they’ll pull at your ankles, and throw stones while you climb the better you become and the higher up you get.

Climbing pains can only be stopped in one way but have two options , filling the void. You can easily fill it by turning around and going back to what you’re used to and comfort yourself temporarily only wishing you were at the point in the mountain you planned for. Or, you can move forward knowing that what’s ahead is much greater, peaceful , and much more connected to your purpose than what has been left behind.

You can quit while you’re on your way, turn around and succumb to the people, places and things meant to be behind you and ease the pain of your legs giving out on the way up the mountain or you can keep climbing knowing that the pain will strengthen you. Giving in is temporarily relief, while climbing will bring ultimate satisfaction once you’ve reached different places in the journey.

How you climb, who you take with you and the places you stop on the way all depends on you. I can’t tell you who to bring, which route to take or the things you need to do to get there. I can only hope you keep climbing and maybe I’ll see you at the top.

Sheena Gates is Chief Editing Officer of Gates Creative Group, Temple University Alum and an MBA candidate at Philadelphia University. In addition to sorting her thoughts on mental health, self-care and wellness on Medium, you can find Hip Hop, Personal Interviews, Food and Travel reviews from Sheena at