Are You Willing To Refurbish The Memes on Your Aunt’s Facebook Page?

Your aunt just recently created a Facebook account. DELIGHTFUL! But she does not know how to use it. She keeps sharing memes and sending them to her coworkers during lunch break. Your aunt needs your help to refurbish her feed so she does not get fired.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Your phone just vibrated! Your aunt just texted you asking if you are free to swing by her work. How do you respond?

A) Hi Laura! Sorry I can’t swing over. I am at work right now. Maybe later?

B) Hi Laura! What seems to be the problem?

C) lol wtf lsn to steely dan rn cnt cum h3lp u

Ruh roh! Your uncle just posted an article on her wall about Facebook’s involvement with Russia. Now everyone in the family is sharing their opinion. Distract her with a dank meme! Choose a meme below that will calm her nerves.

Phew! What a great diversion tactic. Use fire with fire. She wants to know how to delete things off her wall. But unfortunately she is on her mobile device. What do you tell her?

A) Don’t delete them. Your younger cousins who you have been dying to talk too love memes. This will get them to like you more.

B) Click on the three little dots on the right then proceed to click “remove post.”

C) Don’t respond at all. Troll her by posting a meme on her wall. You have 15 minutes until class starts. This is a great use of time management.

Her boss just walked into the break room. He notices she is on Facebook. Your aunt begins to tremble in her seat. Help her out!

A) Call her pretending to be one of Manson’s cult followers.

B) Send her Andy Warhol style selfies that she can show her boss.

C) Go to the student lobby and order chicken tenders. Be prepared to wait 15 minutes before you receive them.

Great work! Your aunt texts you “thank you. I really appreciate all the help.” Now that you’ve done your good deed for the day pay it forward by

A) Hacking into her Facebook account and making it public.

B) Share those chicken tenders with that cute girl in your Introduction to Acting class.

C) Make sure your aunt knows the danger of meme culture.

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