Hello! I’ve been told that is English for Hi!

Photo credit: Baylee Crouse

My name is Zachary Watson.

As humans, we are many things: complex, engaging, and easily distracted by professional sports on Monday Nights. Occasionally I am that person.

But instead, I want to focus and hone in what makes me…me.

I am a writer, dabbling in these mediums: scriptwriting, play writing, poetry, professional writing, satire, etc.

I am an aspiring standup comedian yearning to make at least 12 people chuckle. Whether or not I accomplish that is yet to be seen as I have no gigs.

Through Medium, I hope to express and share with you my brand of humor, as you drink an overpriced caffeinated beverage made by someone you probably matched with on Tinder.

^ Run on sentences like that won’t become frequent I promise.

All the best,

that new guy.

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