Meet Gary Gallagher, Owner of The Daily Eggs.

My wife picked out my outfit. She says I look “with it.”

Good Morning,

I would like to begin by thanking the state of Florida for allowing me, Gary Gallagher, to open up shop in a small section of Orlando. Orlando does tremendous business with well known establishments in the area. Tourists and locals flock to the city for a multitude of reasons. My family and I are passholders at Disney World Orlando and Universal Studios Orlando. Getting those passes was not easy. As a heterosexual male in this ever changing climate it is a challenge to break through the barriers put in the way. My daughter Olive told me “sharing that information is unnecessary to your narrative.” I replied by telling her “Transparency is important.” She sighed. Thankfully my beautiful wife, Laura, told me to remain persistent. Which has helped lead us here to The Daily Eggs.

The Daily Eggs like most diners is family owned and operated. But we have something that sets us apart. We like to have fun! Not only do we cook you the public delicious and filling meals we provide entertainment that competes with the theme parks at a cheaper cost. For an extra ten bucks your meal can be sung to you karaoke style by your server. Pretty fun, right? The Daily Eggs is also home to my grandfather's juke box. For only a dime you can listen to Steely Dan on repeat until we figure out to insert a new CD. To us, you’re a winner in the world. Is that not enough for you? No need to fret. For an extra forty bucks added to your bill you can eat in an isolated echo chamber. Those spots are limited so reserve as soon as possible! As the business grows we will be adding on more features you can’t find in Tampa, Miami, or Daytona Beach!

Our head chef, Rich Desh, is excited to cook what we hope will be your favorite meals. Each week Rich will share his thoughts with you. He will give you exclusive insight into the kitchen, upcoming specials, and his apathy towards misinformation in our current landscape. You will fall in love with Rich’s delicious meals and desire for accurate information.

I would like to thank you again for providing us a home in Orlando, Florida. We look forward to see you at The Daily Eggs! Our doors are always open until they are not. So get here before they close! It was a pleasure talking to you. Sterilize your hands because I can not wait to shake them when you walk in.


Gary Gallagher

Owner of The Daily Eggs

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