Not All Socks End Up In The Drawer

Which may come as a surprise to some of you.

For centuries, since the dawn of interior storage innovation, we have been told by our parents or friends that socks belong in the drawer. But why? Where is the symbiotic connection between sock and drawer? These are the questions that I asked myself once I discovered that socks, just like humans or our dog Skip, can end up lost.

Socks have a disadvantage compared to us humans. We should be grateful for all the advancements we have made. Technological breakthroughs such as television, radio, smartphones, and auto-tune reinforcement on our favorite songs. Before these things were innovated humans sat and talked to each other — face to face — through interpersonal communication. Oh how far we have fallen since then. In our 21st century we have been gifted with GPS technology to help get us get to our destinations. Unfortunately though, socks do not share this luxury with us.

Which is why they become lost. Unlike the group Tears for Fears, socks are unable to “shout shout let it all out.” It is heart-wrenching to see socks treated like this. In my experience, socks have been bought at retail outlets. They are nicely packaged, welcoming to the eye. But our eyes are untrained. As humans we do not see the misery they are put through. Produced. Manufactured. Distributed. It is a crying shame.

Unfortunately, due to this cruel torture they are put through, some socks do not make it to the drawer. Sure you can say to me “it is the human’s job to put them away.”

I ask you though, is it?

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