Super Single

I launched the shot from half court with all of my effort.

I think I like you. When can I take you out?

I’m hardly ever that straightforward- however, it was the night before Valentine’s Day and I had seconds left on the board. I wanted to score.

I stared at my phone in disappointment as my air ball of an attempt missed the backboard by inches, then bounced out of bounds.

Aw, that’s sweet. Unfortunately, I’m kind of talking to somebody right now.

She responded almost immediately, rejecting me with an unrecognizable method. Talking to somebody?
I wasn’t trying to interrupt a conversation, 
I just wanted to take her out for a latte.

Interactions like these lead me to think, 
I don’t believe anybody is ever truly single.
We’re either entering a fresh romantic relationship, fastened to a familiar romantic relationship or exiting an expired romantic relationship. Living single is a spectrum divided into three separate stages, and each phase requires a select amount of attention and energy. We’re usually treading in one of the following…
 Slightly single:
 Yes, we’re single- yet, dating. No strings attached, exploring open and freely. We may (or may not) remain in contact (physical or contextual) with an ex, but are mainly focused on entertaining the next. 
 Somewhat single:
 We cut off all exes for good, and we’re focused on ourselves (doing me)- but, if you happen to stumble upon someone interesting, you’re willing to test the waters and see. 
 Lastly, there are rare cases where individuals fall into a third category…

Super single:
I’d deem this a romantic purgatory of sorts.
 No exes to entertain.
 No prospects to impress.
 Just Riley Reid, my right hand and my imagination.
Where do you reside?
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