GasanMamo: Caring for our Employees and the Community

We had a chat with Mark Mamo, General Manager at GasanMamo Insurance about the importance of putting one’s health first. Find out how his “health first” values translates for his company culture and employees’ well-being:

At GasanMamo Insurance, health care is deemed extremely important. We are constantly contributing to various information campaigns in order to raise awareness about different health conditions and issues.

We also know that it’s not just physical health, but it’s also about mental health, which is why we make sure we provide employees with a stress-free environment where they can work comfortably, while also are constantly raising awareness on mental health.

Educating the Public

In light of this, we also write several blog posts throughout the year that concern both physical health, such as healthy eating and exercising, and mental health, such as taking care of your stress levels, enjoying a good night’s sleep, etc. We write extensively about the importance of taking you care, such as in our blog posts 5 Ways Of Dealing With Stress In The New Year, 5 Tips To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle, and Maintaining your Heart Health.

We’re so focused on the importance of healthcare, that a big part of our CSR activities revolve around it. We have supported such causes such as Pink October, to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research, supported the Inspire Foundation in February 2016, and supported 20 marathons in 20 days for 20 beds in Mater Dei.

The Importance of Employee Health

Employee health is of utmost importance to our company. We are always making sure that our employees receive the best information possible, and are encouraged to live a healthier life by educating them on their eating habits and promoting fitness by having them take part in different activities.

Therefore, we do not only raise funds for campaigns, we also practise what we preach!

Whenever we get the chance to be active we go for it. We are constantly encouraging our employees to take part in activities that involve physical activity such as the President’s Fun Run, our very own Sports Day, and taking part in other sports activities like football, bowling, etc.

With regards to food, we like to expose our employees to healthier food options not only when having daily meals, but even when they feel like snacking. For example, employees are given healthy yet delicious Oh So Yummy granola bars. These raw and vegan bars are created with just 5 to 6 ingredients and are lactose, sugar and GMO free. They are also free of any additives and are full of nuts, oats and dried fruit, making them a great source of protein. Our employees love to have these bars, especially for breakfast since they provide the right boost to kick-start their day.

At the end of the day, we are fully aware of the motto: “Take Care of Your Employees and They Will Take Care of You”, and we love putting it into practice.

GasanMamo Supports ALS Malta & Bjorn Formosa

One of the causes that is nearest and dearest to our hearts is the support we have for Bjorn Formosa & ALS Malta. At GasanMamo, we believe that the courage and strength shown by Bjorn is a testament to the power of inspiration. The fact that Bjorn has worked to raise awareness and funds for ALS in Malta & Gozo since the moment he was diagnosed, and the fact that he has pledged to continue to do so as long as he is able, is a truly admirable quality.

Closing Thoughts: Health First

Whether it’s your mental or physical health, there’s nothing as precious as knowing you’re well looked after. Whether you, or someone you know, is suffering from depression or stress-related mental health issues; or if you’re out of shape or suffering from a physical condition — make sure you seek the right help to make sure you’re well looked after. Help is available — you just have to ask for it.