My 12 Favorite SpareMin Calls of 2016

A wise human told me it is ok to do “last year roundup” posts for the first two weeks of the new year. Well, just in time for this “rule”, here is a list of my top 12 SpareMin calls of 2016. I picked some based on the larger news stories they covered, and some just because I enjoyed them.

Call # 12 : “ Jess and I (Abi Wurdeman) discuss #WomenInFilm and how the new #Ghostbusters does have the ability to retroactively change your childhood.”

I was a big fan of Ghostbusters as a kid, and may even still watch it from time to time. It important to note that this was a female led movie, which unfortunately also led to a lot of backlash. As a man who’s wife doesn’t give two shits about Ghostbusters, this call helped me understand the full context of what this movie meant for female fans around the country.

Abi Wurdeman and Jess Hazlett Talk Ghostbusters!

Call # 11: TheKevinCaseyShow #CubsWin #CubsWin

Being from New England, the Red Sox being cursed was a known fact throughout all of my formative years. When they finally won the world series, the whole region had lost part of their identity. I for one, preferred life under the curse. Well Chicago, your goat is gone, and you have a World Series title. I guess this isn’t really a big deal overall (bc let’s face it, baseball is soooooo boring), but it sure is fun to listen to two anguished fans who have lived through decades of heartbreak have their moment of glory.

Kevin Casey and Vince Brown Talking Historic Cubs Win

Call # 10: Kevin Allison and I (Mike Blejer) talk #psychedelics, reality testing, and how many #unicorns is too many.

This call introduced me to the concept of micro-dosing LSD. It is one of those things I had never heard of before, but now that I have, it seems to be everywhere. No, I don’t partake in this, but I have applied the same concept to chocolate consumption, which has been life altering in it’s own way. Also, I’ve seen Kevin Allison’s show, RISK! live and am just a fan of his anyways, so there’s that too.

Kevin Allison and Mike Blejer Talk about Microdosing

Call # 9: Pat Boos #radio personality talks #PokemonGo

How can you possible do a yearly roundup post about anything and not mention PokemonGo? It was fun watching a true fad happen. I think I missed the whole Pokemon thing by 4 or 5 years, but anyone I know slightly younger than myself was all about this for about a month. Now go get that Pikachu and stuff it in your pokeball.

How can you talk about 2016 and not mention PokeMonGo!

Call # 8: Mistress Iris and I (Mike Blejer) talk Burning Man, a strap-on-a-thon at Camp Beaverton (it’s exactly what you think), and a 6 hour heavy session in Denver. More on sub space and Dom space next time!

Mistress Iris’s calls with Mike Blejer are always very entertaining. Since I hate getting sandy/dusty, I probably won’t ever go to Burning Man, but this call got me as close as I need to get. Also, Iris is the kind of Dominatrix you can pop on the stereo and listen to with your wife over a nice cup of tea and some biscuits.

Mistress Iris gives those of us who couldn’t make it to Burning Man, a quick recap

Call # 7: #every28hours Tony Award winner David Henry Hwang talks about Asian American solidarity with #blacklivesmatter, #theatre’s role post-election, and what plays are inspiring him.

We had a number of calls around Black Lives Matter, and actually a series of interviews with playwrights who wrote plays for the “Every 28 Hours” project, which was a series of 1 minute long plays in support of the BLM movement. This call is awesome, especially since it is with David Henry Hwang :)

Awesome Project, and THE David Henry Hwang!

Call # 6: Great conversation on #Brexit, volatility and what is next for world markets.

Brexit was the most shocking piece of news to hit the media of the year, and then Donald Trump was elected and Brexit seemed like a distant memory. This call really helped me understand the whole thing.

Thoughtful, Informative take on Brexit

Call # 5: Mark Joseph Stern of #Slate on #TheDailyBeast’s awful Grindr-in-Rio story.

This call covers the story about a Daily Beast reporter who posed as a gay man on Grindr at the Olympics and then wrote a story about it. In doing so, he outed a number of gay athletes from countries were it is not safe, or even legal, to be gay.

This story was INSANE!

Call # 4: Dylan Byers of #CNN on #RogerAiles’s departure from #FoxNews and the future of the network.

From the call quality, to the questions and answers, this discussion was one of the best calls of the year, really just exemplified what the platform can make possible.

Great take on the Roger Ailes situation

Call # 3: An absolutely inspiring exchange with #nonbinary Vine star, author & icon @jeffreymarsh, with the first powerful tenet from their book, How To Be You. #transweek #speakingoftransgender

I had the privilege of working on a series of calls for Transgender awareness week with Scott Turner Schofield, and this was one of my favorites.

One of my favorite calls from Scott Turner Schofield’s series for Transgender Awareness Week

Call # 2: With polls and betting markets favoring Hillary on the day before #election2016, Leighton Vaughan Williams of Nottingham Trent University helps us make sense of all this competing data.

Based on polls and media coverage, it seemed inevitable that Hillary would be our next president. But those polls were wrong, and Trump won. I like this call, because it covers the ins and outs of the polls on the day before the election. It basically serves as a time capsule for that moment in time, and listening to it now, after we know the results of the election is even more poignant.

Very interesting listen after the fact, how could all the polls have gotten it so wrong?

Call # 1: The #election is over. And it was a shocker. Neil checks in with Sheetal to see how she’s doing and what she thinks is next.

This was a call between the person I spend more time with than my wife (Neil) and his wife, about the election results. It was pretty cool that they were willing to let people listen in on their version of the post-election conversation that so many friends, families, and couples were having.

A husband and wife reflecting on the results of the presidential election

So that’s that, here’s to even more calls in 2017!

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