Kotlin-Logging Multi-platform support released in 1.5.9

Since latest version (1.5.9), kotlin-logging has full multi-platform support: common + js + jvm. It took a while to integrate it, but it feels that now multi-platform support with Kotlin 1.2.60 is more mature than before and less “tweaky”.

If you want to get more info on the API, head to the documentation here: https://github.com/MicroUtils/kotlin-logging/wiki/Multiplatform-support

I don’t feel like the multi-platform API itself of kotlin-logging is complete. It means that I have added some of the original slf4j methods to the common API and not sure if we need all of them or not. And what about features that are not supported in other platforms? MDC, Markers, and Location for example. At the moment I tried to reduce the size of the API and if things will be required later we will add them when needed.

Another thing that I am still not sure about is cases we have an interface in JVM code like KLogger. In such cases should we have expected and actual interface or just the interface in the common code?