No more invite code needed: Ohai is open to the world!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve removed the waitlist from our professional networking app, and it’s now available for all to use!

Since we launched in Powai, Mumbai and gradually expanded all over the city, we’ve seen a great response. As we grew we noticed that many eager folks from other parts of India, the UK, Turkey, China and other countries were downloading Ohai.

We also called many of our users for feedback on their experience. They mentioned that they wanted to network with new people while travelling to other cities too. One of our users was going to Kochi and was hoping to find more users there.

We’ve taken note of this widespread interest and unleashed our app across the world!

What’s more, we’ve revamped the onboarding process. It’s simpler and quicker. There’s a tutorial to help you better understand all of Ohai’s features, so you can utilise it to its maximum potential. You would also be pleased to find UI improvements to make the app easier to use!

Ohai helps you find professionals from every background in your vicinity, in real time. Open up the live view to automatically match with nearby individuals for whatever work-related needs you might have. Want a web developer or a graphic designer for your firm? Just set your Ohai shoutout and see your needs met. Feel like relocating to a new office space? There’s surely a real estate agent who’ll help you out in no time.

Here’s to a future filled with great networking, meaningful connections and successful careers!

What are you waiting for? Download Ohai now!

This article was originally published for Ohai app on the Cutting Chai blog. Ohai is a proximity-based professional networking application.

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