A Simultaneous Hello and Farewell

I mean I liked him because he was black[1], but the feeling was lukewarm. After all, he’d broken his promise to close Guantanamo. He’d focused a little too much of his Ferguson commentary on criticizing the few, who out of deep, long-held frustration, had turned to vandalism. And under his administration, U.S. bombs continued their worldwide performance. To say the least, I was skeptical of the man behind the blackal of the man behind the black. It wasn’t until I read the transcript of one of Obama’s recent interviews that the growing appreciation for Obama that babe had been sewing in me for months blossomed.

He was brilliant.

I dashed through several accounts of his life story. I had vaguely known that Obama had done community organizing pre-presidency. But now I was getting the details of how he had organized to improve conditions in poorly maintained public housing projects or gotten crime legislation enacted. Not only was my president brilliant, he was good. He was here for the neglected.

President Obama’s incredibleness should’ve been apparent to me sooner. After all one need not know anything about him to know that he must be Tremendously qualified. One need only know America. America who would not have voted black otherwise. (He also had to be squeaky clean to get elected; America certainly would not have accepted a three-baby-momma’d, might-grab-the-pussies-of-the-pure-white-woman, black man.)

That Michelle had married him should also have made it obvious that Obama was 🙌. May I talk on Michelle (#W:OW #drooling) for a second? Too few praises exist to do her justice. What I admire most are how she a) manages to be so authentic on the biggest stage and b) does not downplay her powerfulness in a society in which so many still refuse to accept the powerful woman, especially the powerful black woman. + Michelle is a queen in the face of all the downright meanness thrown at her. The first person I have ever called role model.

What I, at this time, have chosen to imagine about Obama is that he did what he could in our big political machine. I mean a president who championed healthcare, one of the most critical needs, must be here for the people right? Sure I still have questions.. I’d really like to sit down with him. For now, I’ll start by reading his books.

As I say prepare to say farewell to my brilliant black president and hello to the 🍊[2] in ~8 days, my tears swell not from fear; it is more like when sharp wind cuts your eyes and makes you uncomfortable but focused. I’m ready.

— —

[1] By this I mean I celebrated that a black person could be elected president in America.

[2] Even if one sets aside their positions and simply looks at intelligence/qualification levels Drumpf is poop compared to Obama.

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