creativity and the PM:AM ep

Jazz. Crude stories and conversations with my friends about everything from the serious to the mundane. The mountain of unfinished ideas. I needed a catharsis that only a project as unique as PM:AM could provide. Beautiful and vulgar, this is a true audio journal containing quirks and idiosyncrasies I’ve had to bury since adult professionalism became the key to survival. Of course the world kind of spirals, and that’s the basis of the PM:AM project.

The combination is kind of time travelling in my mind to the jook joint era and also getting away from the modern rat race, if only for one night. The atmosphere is difficult to explain, as it’s frantic percussion and dark bass accompanied by a variety of keys, horns, and woodwinds to provide something organic that still carries the ENERGY of electronic music. Adding vocals and environmental sounds to tell a story was really just icing on a chunky sonic cake. I just hope you’re willing to take the journey with me.



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