The Strange Death of a Calling Loon

Sometime in January last year, I met two great talents David and Don, brilliant but strangely elusive. We shared pieces back and forth, meaning to make music but never getting to. One day in September though, we did get together with a keyboard, a lead and a laptop, and we recorded what we could. Its crudeness and incompleteness, for us, is the life of the project. We don’t know ourselves what the sketches could have become.

For Zayyid [Sketch Two]

First I offered a few broken chords. The design was to describe a longing. I intended it as requiem for my friend Tayo Zayyid Jimoh, who went missing some three years earlier. While we discussed the cello, David, having previously done work on choral music suggested the chorus. Hence another sketch:

For Zayyid [Sketch One]

Same music, set to arpeggios. With chorus introduced.

The Strange Death of a Calling Loon

There’s a funny useless story here about a guy who goes looking to shoot a loon for dinner.

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