Who Will Challenge Manny Pacquiao?
Jim Cavan

Hello…IF his beliefs are the problem, then shouldn't we challenge his beliefs (religion) instead of Manny Pacquiao? His only fault is having faith in the religion that believes in. He probably is not the only person in his Church who believe it to be true. Most likely other religions had the same thought, which is why LGBTQ people have fought so hard to come out and open people’s eyes to what is actually normal and should be accepted.

I believe that one of the reasons I have friendships and celebrated same sex marriage of said friends is because I don’t have a particular religion I believe in. I have no book telling me what is wrong or acceptable.

Yes, I have been brought up with values that were taken from those books, but I eventually had a mind and an opinion of my own. That there is an entity or being that is greater than anything in this world and I believe that this being wouldn’t create anything that didn’t have a purpose. It would not create something or someone just for it to be considered a mistake.

In short…I think the problem here is that there is public figure who spoke the minds of those whose opinions we don’t care or hear from, so it hurts. BUT AGAIN, it’s the teachings that become the beliefs and make the people perceive LGBTQ the way they do.

P.S. If I totally got the point of your post wrong, I apologize and will delete this post.

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