So Manny Pacquiao has an opinion…

So here it is. We all have our own beliefs and our own principles that we believe in. I believe that we can have our own opinions and respect others’ opinions at the same time.

Watch this video. He clearly states that he doesn't condemn gay or lesbian people, he just (based on his religion) doesn't accept same sex marriage as it goes against his faith.

I personally see marriage as a celebration of something greater than all of us that God, Gods, or Being would bless us to be able to go through.

Therefore, even though I may not agree with Many Pacman’s opinion, it is ONLY his opinion I disagree with.

“Argue the topic, not the person you are arguing with.”

I still believe that this man loves all kind of human beings. Think about it… When he donates and fights in the ring for the Philippines, he doesn't say “I fight for only the straight people in the country” or “I donate my money to only those who are straight”. He has never shown any hate for the LGBTQ community.

Today he has only shared his opinion.

A comedian did say: “ You can’t boo my opinion.

Any ways, I hope that by the end of this rant you can see that the media always likes to take things out of context to stir up S#!+ to gain more money.

Amen :)

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