In web development, I find myself learning a dozen of new frameworks every year. I’m advocating for a simpler horizon.

As a freelancer, you have at least twice the work you charge. This take into account administrative, commercial, formation activities … and more.

In my experience, even as an employee I found myself working on multiple stacks of different “modernity” levels.

While the older techs are considered “unattractive”, newer techs are considered “hard”. Developers with highly specialized skills in both edges are well paid but their niche is risky.

Old techs can become obsolete. …

descriptive documentation (blue), idea/concept/kami (green), enlived/interactive/conscious (yellow)

I tell you, this one is crazy.

It’s about defining defining.

It’s about the word word, the idea of idea, the observer observing itself.

It’s about the KING of Patterns, the God of Gods, a really high Just-Under-The-One concept :


Here, I’ll share you my original work for defining the pattern pattern.

You can follow evolution of the project on GitHub :

Classes, patterns and shit

I’ve came across the concept of generative patterns through this document (Generative design patterns, S. MacDonald, D. Szafron, J. Schaeffer, J. Anvik, S. Bromling and K. Ta).

The idea of creating code with design patterns is…

On my website (a JAM-stack project) I aim to lower pages’ weight as much as I can in order to :

  • Reduce bandwidth usage,
  • Reduce data consumption of hotspot users like me, who count every Gb of their mobile phone package.
Reducing Boostrap CSS weight to a 3 times lighter one !

Bootstrap CSS

Bootstrap CSS is usually load as a single file, with all bundled features.

Features that you don’t necessarily need and cost data to users.

Let’s see, for example, the min.css file request information from the CDN :

motif.js is a research framework I’m making to improve my comprehension of the Design Patterns : Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software book, but also about the Generative design patterns publication and the pattern concept in general

This post is very unrelated

I just wanted to show you a work I made on Adobe XD while thinking of the future features of the framework

The pattern ideogram, its name, its description and links to (numbered) section : properties, instances and processors.
The pattern ideogram, its name, its description and links to (numbered) section : properties, instances and processors.
At the left, you can see the “discovered” patterns list. In the middle, the top-pattern page header.

My name is Romaric Ruga, I’m a french freelance web-developer/designer

My personal website is

Thanks for your attention !

Some people said that suffering is an illusion.

Some people also said that we’re already the whole-one; and that each one of us could call himself : Me, god, the Whole or the One or even … both.

But I say that all these postulates are hard to keep in mind.

Maybe I’m too deep in the circle of suffering ? Because I can see people, including myself, suffering.

I see people inflicting suffering to others because they suffer too, and that way feed the circle of suffering.

But the worst is : even if they felt and know suffering, these people keep inflicting.

I think they are not conscious of the fact they suffer as well as they inflict suffering.

I also think that in order to achieve the whole-one, they must be brought to consciousness.

First step on the PERMA-DATA’s pattern class implementation

Few years ago, I finally get my hands on the Christopher Alexander’s book : A pattern language.

By that day, I’m always trying to find patterns in things — especially code, as well as a more and more consistent way to extract them from their expressions.

The very process of extracting is actually giving this new pattern language words and syntax.

Coming back to my open-source PERMA-DATA project, I’m thinking a lot about how to share my code, and how to make it more understandable.

Patterns look like a good way to formalize concepts.

At first, I was thinking that…

at birth, I’ve been blessed by an arborescent mind (but I think it’s a reductive term for nodosus mind). For a developer, it is not necessary a good thing

the fact is that I’m always looking at 4, 5 .. 6 different topics at the same time. & when you’re subject to mental congestion, combined to the simple actions of living, it can become a real mess, up there

about permadata, the problem is remembering the whole project structure — & this specific small piece here 😪; when you’ve spent some days or weeks on a complete opposite part of…

empower users by making them conscious

users conscious

sometimes, the simplest aspects of development can raise the most questions. It’s the case with my PlantSearch component

evolving in an environment with limits

I come from an era where you have auto-completion on search input. My friend once told: one day, your search engine will give you what you’ve been looking for even before you press any key

eMergy cost

this fantasy is arriving, but with a tremendous cost. I could mention : API calls & volume, UI re-rendering, personal data storage .. but in fact, it’s just electricity & hardware

Electricity is not that cheap energy you’ve been using increasingly these decades. …

after trying to list exhaustively all the use cases my previously defined personas could face, I has been able to sum them up in a simple thematic packages mind map

yeah, that simple

detailing our packages

choosing to divide my packages in two distinct sides will help me to introduce the general features which I will list in this section

both sides are meant to display & edit their specific data. But, they use different means; mostly because they do not share the same goals

inside the data package, we could split distinctly displaying & editing while the garden package could be considered as a whole…

last few days, I greatly enjoyed the afternoon sun at my urban garden. A lot of talks with neighbors & parks workers just gave me some new ideas in this low interest period (I was needed outside)

since the release of v.3 & the v.4 POC development, I felt the need to re-think my product with a more UX-oriented approach. The main goals was not clear and, consequently, v.3’s views & development started to become unclear too, with such symptoms as :

  • technical formatting, with bad ergonomic (no data display prioritization, too much inputs on the data form ..)

Romaric Ruga

je mange des légumineuses car elles sont riches en protéines, et du chènevis car c’est aussi très riche et intense

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