Choices of Dog Crates

Dog crates are either the wire crate or hard plastic crate kind. Either is good, depending on why you need it for. They do not cost much different, so this does not decide which you will get. They can both be dismantled and reassembled as needed. Wire crates are more portable, especially if you are moving in your neighborhood. 
For those who shall be flying, they have to get the hard plastic and airline approved crates. Airlines have strict guidelines about these crates such as from Pet Crates Direct. They will not allow wire crates for the safety of the dog, since they can bend in flight, crushing the dog. Most of the plastic ones are approved, as long as you see the sticker saying so. They are usually perforated for the dog’s circulation. They have a wire mesh door for the dog to view out. Normally it can hold a dog adequately, with no chance of escaping. 
They are n two pieces, top, and bottom, and are joined by screws and knobs on the sides. They can be assembled in a matter of minutes. Hard plastic crates also make great road travel equipment. In case of an accident, the plastic protects the dog and keeps it from being tossed around or out onto the road.

Wire crates from this crate company are ideal for events such as competitions, or for situations where you need your pet to see more of the outside. They are very open, which makes the pet feel as part o the outside.

They may work as a confinement place for your dog as you drive, but their level of protection is very low. In an accident, it will be fatal for the dog. Those who go to dog events prefer them for their portability and lightweight. They can also be assembled or dismantled faster than plastic ones. In home settings, wither crate functions well enough.

You can look in your local pet store for a great crate. You can also look on the internet. They are easily available. Most manufacturers of these crates display a size guide for your consideration. They are usually accurate and should be followed to ensure your pet gets the right size. When a crate is too big, it is not safe if the pet is being flown or ferried about. The more the free space in there, the more it shall be thrown about in case of an accident or turbulence. A big one in the house gives it space to poop in there, which defeats the purpose of training. You should only get a big crate if it is meant to be its sleeping area.

Most dogs grow to love their crates. You can pick any crate you want, as long as it is of the right size, and is airline approved for those who will be flying.

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