Will Stumpf

Hi Will, thanks for your comment!

Our decision to do things in an MVP approach was established before we decided to do user research.

The goal of our user research was to find out what which of the options we were testing at the time was the preferred one.

The main things we tested were:
- Name
- Logo
- Packaging design
- Price

For every given scenario, we provided our users (friends) a few options that Clara and I were happy with. Not too many though, I think the max number of options we showed there were five.

Then, we’d gather all their feedback, store in a Google spreadsheet (which was the only tool we used for this, as we were both familiar with it) and we kept a record of all the scores.

At the end of the testing we’d see which one got the most votes and that was the option we’d go with. No questions asked.

I’m sure the same workflow would work with other industries, but it’s important that the people you’re testing with are also your potential customers. In our case, the friends we selected were all foodies :)

I hope this answer all your questions.

Thank you so much!

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