Time to say goodbye 👋

Dona Rita
Dona Rita
Nov 9, 2018 · 4 min read

This is a thank you and goodbye letter from the Dona Rita team. Here I’ll talk about why we’ll be stopping our side project and I’ll also share some insights from our experience.

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Just over a year ago, I released this article: Starting a good business from scratch.

Today I’ll be going through some of our experience and the reason why we’re stopping.

Why are we closing?

The reason for closing Dona Rita is that Clara and I are expecting a baby. We’re super excited about becoming parents and we’d like to focus our time and attention to our new baby-project :)

Knowing when to stop is hard. Especially when you’ve been putting everything you got into a product.

What did we achieve?

Since starting Dona Rita about 2 years ago, we’ve achieved quite a few things:

  • Introduction of a new product to the gluten free market — Leon is now selling pão de queijo 😲
  • Demand for a new product
  • Awareness that gluten free can be tasty
  • Experience running a business
  • Features on numerous publications
  • Shops selling our product

Was it worth it?

It was a tough challenge and we’re sad it didn’t get to where we wanted but it was definitely worth it.

We were lucky to meet amazing people along the way which helped a lot to learn about the industry and how to start a business from scratch — We feel we have made a bigger impact in the food industry than multimillionaire companies done in past with this specific product.

Data insights

  • Number of shops that stocked us: 9
  • Instagram followers: 3,450
  • Number of packs sold: 2,869
  • Number of balls sold: 60,421
  • Number of packs sold from our website: 400
  • Turnover from our website: £1,752
  • Total turnover: £26,000
  • Initial investment: £10,000
  • Total profit: £6,000

Can I still buy it?

Rita might be able to offer a catering option. You can contact her at ritaduarte@hotmail.co.uk 🤞

And finally…

We’re really proud to have introduced this new snack to the city — and to hear that places like Leon are now offering Pão de Queijo to the masses.

We will always remember our little Brazilian contribution to London’s food scene with nostalgic cheesiness. We had a blast and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

The support we have got from the foodie community, the Brazil lovers and the gluten haters has pushed us further than we could have ever imagined. A big thank you to all of you — you know who you are!

And remember

Whenever you miss the sunshine or the tropics, eat some Pão de Queijo and everything will look brighter.

Here’s some of our favourite memories

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Obrigado 🙏

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