I thought you needed me but all you had was want; wants you knew I could satisfy with my entirety and loyalty.

I tried,tried vehemently,to make you commit to as little as a future with me. Shared my fears,fears you did not assure me on, still I did not get the hint — you were about to prove me right.

I tried to crack you open into you,but all I did was create a shell of my own for me. your actions collided with your words and now here I am thinking; thinking, which was I to believe?

Constantly all I told myself was I could;I could play your games with you. I wanted to satisfy you yet keep you yearning.

Pulling you in closer I withdrew with oblivion to the happening, struggling with self deceit and snuggling with confusion, I was sure your love could grow mine.

You were sure you had my soul in your palms : I was sure I had yours in mine. The need to satisfy your wants devoid of precedency and lack of loyalty, as time grew. Giving you something, subsequently, you could not live without — ME.

Nurturing my zeal for emotional rebirth and liberation. Convinced I was playing your game with you, but as time went on, we both were certain I played your game better than you ever imagined you could.

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